Fall Island Vocal Arts Seminar

Fall Island Vocal Arts Seminar

May 23-30, 2016


Featuring special guest composer Tom Cipullo

I found the week in Potsdam to be transformational on many levels, but perhaps most importantly it was a nurturing place that encouraged us to open ourselves to what I can only describe as a spiritual, musical vulnerability. Whatever our dreams or professional goals might be, the essence of what we do as musicians goes far beyond the concrete or materialistic aspects of society and existence. Stephanie Blythe and Alan Smith have created a space where young artists can come together in the pursuit of these ideals. And while a week may seem a short time, the truth is that a week like that will stay with you for the rest of your life, and inform your approach to music-making for years to come. Bridget Hough-Meynenc

Pianist, 2012 Fellow

Stephanie Blythe and Alan Smith sat down with the 2015 auditors to discuss origins and development of the Seminar, teaching, personal artistry, text interpretation and 21st century art song repertoire for young singers.

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